iZonus - Single - Red/White LED Light

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Single Pro Series Light all have colored LED's facing forward.  The rear facing LED's are generally white LED's.  RED/WHITE, AMBER/WHITE, BLUE/WHITE, the only exception is our AMBER/AMBER light which has Amber LED's on both the front and rear, a preference used in Crossing Zones with Crossing Guards.

The Pro Series Lights have 16 front-facing colored LED's and 8 rear-facing LED's.  All-Pro Series Lights come with an embedded, 90 pounds rated magnet designed to attach to the top of our patent-pending, permanent Cone Top Attachment.

Our Pro Series LED lights are among the brightest, portable road flares on the market.   

iZonus Pro Series lights provide better lighting and better protection than fusees and other portable LED products on the market.