Why Police are choosing Pro Series Lights!

The U.S. alone averages 6 million auto accidents a year. When our First Responders arrive on an accident scene, they are faced with many dangers, such as oncoming traffic and distracted drivers.

Over time, Police car emergency lighting has become brighter and brighter to try and compensate for the increase number of drivers, driver distractions, and higher speeds.  This increase in brightness levels have created their own set of problems of passing travelers. 

iZonus Pro Series lights have been developed to help give adequate advanced notice to oncoming traffic of an accident, road closure or other, and to create a safety barrier for Police Officers working on the accident scene.  

iZonus Pro Series lights put out a considerable amount of light but not blindingly bright light.  There is a difference between high intense LED's and LED's that give ample brightness but more volume.  

iZonus Pro Series lights give the appearance that there are a lot of emergency vehicles at the accident scene, when in fact there may only be one police car at the sight.  More lights flashing, Not brighter lights is the answer.

Road Flare replacements. The iZonus Pro Series cone top LED Safety Lights are top quality!

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